Tattoo Submission: Rachel (Yakima)

pure faith

the white means ”pure” the cross means ”faith.” I chose this to stand for ”pure faith.” It’s also facing me as a reminder.

  1. Cassandra skriver

    Hos is this done?? Looks beautiful!

  2. Cassandra skriver


  3. Rachel skriver

    thank you! it’s done just like a normal tattoo, but with white ink.

  4. Kp skriver

    How much was it? it’s gorgeous!

  5. Alli skriver

    Hi! I LOVE this! I’m looking to get a white ink tattoo, I live in Yakima WA
    Where did you get it, and who was the artist?

  6. Rachel skriver

    Thanks! It was only $20 and I got it from Tim Stillwaugh at Midgaurd Tattoo (If you live in Yakima, it’s on the corner of 16th and Tieton next to the in and our mart)


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