Tattoo Submission: Sven (Cologne, Germany)


Basically its the first step of a growing tattoo (arms and shoulders especially).
The tree is (surprise!) some kind of my roots, with names of family members and fictional characters that have a identifiable story/backgrounds or made inspiring decisions that influenced me in some way.

  1. Anja skriver


  2. Johanna skriver


  3. Maria skriver

    Love the tattoo and concept. Don’t think I’d have the lady balls to do that on myself, though.

  4. Tanya skriver

    This is amazing! Love this tattoo, you can tell its really been thought about.

  5. Virvelvindsflickan skriver

    so cool, love it! totally amazing.

  6. TC skriver

    That’s a bold tattoo choice Sven. Would love to know the meaning behind it.


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