Tattoo Submission: Paloma (Mexico City)


”‘Shame and esplendor, a thousand clouds fence the sky, love will never end up being love” it’s a fragment of a Pier Paolo Pasolini’s poem. When I was 12 I read it and I just thought ‘This is me’”

  1. martina skriver

    i think the quote is wrong..

  2. Raissel skriver

    Yeah, I think that a couple of words don’t match, but even with that, I think it looks great

  3. anna skriver

    This is not italian!! the right quote is ”Vergogna e splendore. Mille nubi di pace accerchiano il cielo. Amore mai non finirai di essere amore”. I’m italian and i don’t understand the meaning of this sentence…it has no sense at all!!

  4. Eva skriver

    I need to know which type of font it is


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