Tattoo Submission: Anaïs (Dijon, France)

 It is a representation of the first work of the movement suprematisme of Kasimir Malévitch ”White on White”.  It represents the infinity, a reality beyond any shape. 






Eva (México) ”A cross, not as a religious symbol, as a symbol of faith in me and what I do, and the people who support me.”

Antonella (Italy) ”This is my first tattoo, 6 birds representing my family: my dad and my granmother -sadly passed away- my mom, my brother and my two nephews. Birds connecting heaven and (h)earth.”

Varja (Skopje) ”The anchor represents my passion for traveling and my wish to eventually settle (cast my anchor) once I find the perfect place/person.”


Tattoo Submission: Jessica (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

teatro tattoo

‘This is my second tattoo, the greek theater masks that have such a great meaning in my life. Theater saved me from big depression, and today I love what I do, I love being an actress and I can’t think what would make me happier than this!’


Tattoo Submission: Kristina (Denmark)

2012-10-24 17.50.384

3 y’s that stand for me and my 2 sisters. We are so different, and our last name Young may be the only thing we have in common, but we are sisters and I love them and that’s why the y’s are connected.