Tattoo Submission: Tobias (Umeå, Sweden)

tobbe rygg

I’ve been searching a long time for the perfect picture to cover my back.

Finally I found it.


Tattoo Submission: Iris (Aus)


John Keats saying ”what the imagination seizes as beauty must be truth”


Tattoo Submission: Sandra K (Hagfors)


” ångra aldrig någonting som fått dig att le ” (never regret anything that made you smile)

I did this tattoo for a reminder that you should never be ashamed for what you once did or have done, every smile comes with it´s own story.


Tuesday Randoms.





Fiona (Toronto) ”A bear to symbolize my sister whom passed away. She was a pastry chef and this was part of her logo for her business and also our last name is chinese means bear.”

Hanna (Stockholm) ”this is my first tattoo, and I got in January of 2012. The feather is not only a symbol of beauty, it also symbolizes ”to never let somebody bring you down – be light as a feather”!  It’s on my inner upper arm.”

Fiona (Toronto) ”Dandelion, symbolize my sister who passed away last year. She always went after her dreams and did what she wanted to do. While fullfilling her dreams she also touched so many people’s hearts.”