Tattoo Submission: Sara, 18, Sweden


It means ”Proud and Strong” in Swedish. Even though I may be broken in some ways, I will always be proud and strong. The first ”T” has thicker lines because my niece is named Thea and my love for her has given me strength when I couldn’t find it in myself.


Tattoo Submission: Ida F (Norge)


a japanese sign meaning younger brother.







Anna-Karin (Malmö) ”I’ve always very fascinated by the moon, sligthly obsessed at times, so I new I needed a tattoo to celebrate my love for our beautiful moon. Done by my lovely friend and great tattoo artist, Lola Garcia.” (

Monica (Stockholm) ”My first tattoo. It’s in Italian and it says ”You only live once and that time is now”. I did it to remind myself that life is short and you never know when it ends, so it’s important to make the most of it.”

Bruna (Campinas, SP, Brazil) ”There was a slaughter last year in Rio de Janeiro. A guy invaded his old school and killed 12 14 year old students inside of the class, then killed himself! This made me think ‘how cruel the human being can be?’ and that all we need is to give peace a chance!”


Tattoo Submission: Ninni (Kemi)

tattoo part 3 012

It tells the story of the life…




Min tattoo

tatt Ann bw


Rochelle (New Zealand) ”The constellation of my zodiac sign (Aries) on my left shoulder constructed from cherry blossom branches symbolises my existence and spirit in all it’s realism and totality. The quote ‘The phoenix must burn to emerge’ is from Janet Fitch’s novel White Oleander and alludes to personal issues of mine.”

Laura (Copenhagen) ”This is my first tattoo. I’ve had the idea for it for a long time and I finally got it. It represents my two sisters and I, therefore it means a lot to me!”

Andrea (Netherlands) ”Fortitude, because it took me very long to accept myself & who I am. It means you stay true to your own principals”