Wednesday Randoms.




Christina L (Manila) ”This is the Mali/African symbol for Inner Peace. It was found inside one of the caves and I just drew up my own interpretation of it.”

Henje (Munich) ”My grandma had matryoshka dolls when I was little and me and my sister always played with those. Now these two on my arm, are me and my little sister as those dolls.”

Princia (Rio de Janeiro) ”The french word ”dégagé” has so many meanings that represent how I feel about life…unconstrained, casual; relaxed, uninvolved; detached….So simple… and beautiful.”


Tattoo Submission: Alexandra (Gothenburg)


”lumière means light translated to French. It reminds me to always look forward, to always see the light.


Tattoo Submission: Naiana (Florianópolis/SC)

021 copy

Soeus (francês) = irmãs, eu e mais duas primas fizemos a mesma tatuagem mas em locais diferentes.
Non je ne regrette rien (francês) = não me arrepende de nada, porque acredito que nessa vida não existem arrependimentos e sim erros, acertos e aprendizado!
As duas foram feitas no mesmo dia.


Tattoo Submission: Roosa (Tampere, Finland)

IMG_0998 copy

”aujourd’hui, elle va être heureuse”, today she’s going to be happy in french.

found it from a finnish book called ”totta” (true) by riikka pulkkinen.


Tattoo Submission: Gabriela (São Paulo)


Auhourd’hui is a French word for ”today”. In addition to considering the most beautiful word in the French language, serves to remind me that tomorrow and yesterday do not exist, miracles happen now.