Margot and Éliane.

In the completive reportage section at the Festival in Biarritz I saw Wallströms Resolution wish I have been wanting to see for a long time.  It is truly inspiring to follow Margot when she really makes changes. Sexual violence in conflicts have been used as long as war has existed and not only in Congo, Germany and Bosnia. It´s not only a women’s rights issue,but also a human rights issue (which I think most woman rights issues are, how could they not?).  Anyways, see Wallströms Resolution if you get the chance.


“In 2010 Margot Wallström, the first UN special representative on sexual violence in war and conflict, used her mandate to lobby for a resolution, a strategic tool enabling to prosecute those responsible for committing or planning sexual violence in conflicts. The film follows her and her colleagues as they visit rape survivors and frontline activists across the globe. During 10 months, they shine the spotlight when rape is used as a weapon and raise the issue to the top of the UN Security Council’s agenda.” (Below) This film about Élaine Radigue is in the competitive selection in performance art.  The sounds and music really made me nauseas and lightheaded at times. But it  was interesting to follow her story and true passion for “sounds”. I love them nerds.

“Between 1967 and 2000, Éliane Radigue composed more than twenty pieces of electronic music. She stopped working with the analogic synthesizer in 2001, and now devotes herself to instrumental music, still remaining faithful to the same aesthetics.


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