Travels ahead.

Trying to plan my spring.  There will be a lot of trips connected to work which I really look forward to. My next trip is to LA Feb 20th! Maps by Matthew Cusick.



Yesterday I was invited to go to a matinee with First Aid Kit.  In Sweden everyone is crazy about them at the moment, and for all my readers that are not Swedish please take a listen below and you will know why.  They had two sold out concerts yesterday, and although one of the sisters had lost her  voice and remained quiet for the whole concert, they still managed to keep the audience involved . A few months ago they made Patti Smith cry when they performed one of her songs at the Polar Prize (the video is below).

I have been waiting for this band to bloom since I first saw them on a youtube clip singing in the woods back in 2008. Yesterday they managed to keep the intimate feeling of the video in the woods, only this time they were all grown up and on a stage in front of hundreds of people who didn’t want to go home. (Above)Yesterday at Debaser Medis.

(Above)At the polar prize they  made Pattis Smith cry.

(Above)The first time I heard them,singing in the woods 2008.

(Above) Yesterday at Debaser.

M.I.A. – Bad Girls.


Kate Bush in the woods.

woods, ladies in red and these videos…


R.I.P. Mike Kelley.