Chelsea day. Nick Cave and more…

Nick Cave at Mary Boone Gallery 541 west 24th street.
Nick Cave’s Soundsuits are amongst other things made out of sticks, trumpets,stuffed animals and twigs. Other typical materials include dyed human hair, sisal, plastic buttons, beads, sequins, and feathers. They are called sound suits because of the sound they make when you wear them, because yes you can actually wear them!

Nick Cave:
“masking and creating a second skin that conceals race, gender, and class, forcing the viewer to look without judgment.”

One of my favorites. Made of twigs.

I wanted to try to dance in one of them. But they said no.

I really like the twig creations.
(Below) Nick Cave Soundsuit Invasion at LA Art Show, courtesy Fowler Museum.

(Below) Jack Shainman Gallery. Geoffrey Chadsey.
“The images are fictionalized as they become hybrid figures, blurring gender, race and age. “

(Below) Matthew Barney (Björks Husband) “DJED” at Gladstone Gallery. 21 street: 530 W 21 street. (below)

Me at Gagosian Gallery. Richard serra.

It was a good day, Nick Cave was my favorite which you can probably tell. I am looking forward to visit smaller galleries and studios in New York and discover artists that I haven’t heard of. Let me know if you have suggestions!