Stanley Kubrick’s Photos of 1940s New York City.

These are interesting images of New York in the 1940s by  film director Stanley Kubrick.

“Before Stanley Kubrick was a filmmaker, he was a New York City-based photojournalist for Look magazine. His photography career began in 1945 when Kubrick sold a photo to Look (he was just 17 at the time.) From 1946 to 1950, Kubrick worked for the magazine, completing more than 300 assignments documenting the sights and people of New York City.”

“It was during this period that Kubrick’s respected—and often-imitated—style first became apparent. His photographs are vintage Kubrick: a complex blend of composition, drama, light and mystery.”

Stanley Kubrick's New YorkStanley Kubrick's New YorkStanley Kubrick's New YorkStanley Kubrick's New York

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