bape x puma:

IMG_4748 IMG_4749 IMG_4750 IMG_4751 IMG_4752so excited that i recieved some of the pieces of the PUMA X BAPE collection!! I mean, the whole collection is basically already sold out everywhere. This collection is way more rare than any H&M collabo because BAPE is rare as fuck. If u know u know.

really happy that i got the blaze of glory sneaker because it is my favorite puma shoe :))))) and def the hottest piece of the collection, wich was soccer inspired with mario balotelli as the poster boy.

thank u guys at puma :)) and remember, a bathing ape will never die in Nigos own words. (the owner duh)






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add me u lil cute cunts <3



Cherrie ft. Linda Pira – Inget Kommer Mellan Oss:



Ugh, abso-fuckin-lutly in LOVE with these mami’s, and their looks. All thanks 2 me. skoja, men helt ärligt, how bomb do they look? Crushin hard. The concept behind the styling was timeless but you could still see what the fuck they were about – effortless beauty.

Just everyday realness.

Foto av: John Artur

Styling: Wasima, assistent: Billy Lobos.

OCH JUSTE, snälla gör dig en själv en fet tjänst och lyssna på årets gosigaste collabo, cherrie putting some sweet rnb in ya ear <3 combinationen av cherrie och linda. hejjjdååååååå

plus u know im all about dat hood luv hehe




like i love you HIPS remix:

worlds greatest sweetest luki (luki pop) remixed one of justins best gems, the classic Like I love You just got a new vibe. cant wait 2 hear more from lukis new project: Hips