mark my words, we gon’ be just fine:


ommmmggggg my boo mapei finally released her video for the anthem of 2013 (and this summers ofcccc) , DON’T WAIT <3333

sOOOO proud u boo-thang and i told ur lil curly ass that u are goin to nail it!!! and gurl lemme know who dat dude is who is playin ur lil bf in the video??? äkta gullungeee

its only to the moon from now on here mami.

love mi lil jackieee <33

behind THEM SCENES <3


Inspiration, Kultur

red riding triology:


om ni uppskattade true detectives borde ni verkligen kolla på svt ikväll som visar den 5års gammla brittiska serien, RED RIDING – av David Peace.

”Bortrövade kvinnor. Barn som ritualmördas. Skruvade religiösa symboler. Trasiga manliga huvudpersoner med trassliga privatliv och ett korrupt samhälle styrt av män där den enskilde polismannens liv inte är mycket värt och en kvinnas mindre…

Serien som SVT börjar sända i kväll hör tveklöst till en av de bästa, mest mansgrisiga och lika manskritiska det senaste decenniet.”

skriver Hynek Pallas (kanske en av mina eventuella film soulmates?) på, LÄS den brilljanta artikeln om serien HÄR men varning för spoilers lol

Kl 23.20 visar dom den första filmen av triologin.

thank u and ur welcome bish.



första april and what not:


when i went to bed last night the hours had ran by me and all of the sudden we had left mars.

first day of april was here. i would say ‘FINALLY‘ and find some type of relief that we passed winter time and it’s officially spring, BUT Sweden has a good way of letting you know that you are never safe when it comes  to proclaiming spring. we been having, what i’ve been refering to as a skiTzOfReniC weather, not once and not only twice, but a several time. i always get dissapointed. i always start looking for last minute trips away to sun and end up right where i’am.  And UNTIL this day we experience delays on the subway because of bad weather. NO matter time of the year, or have many times we have been through it, it always comes to a suprise for them? after all this years? WE HAVE SHITTY WEATHER, BE PREPARED FOR IT ALL TIMES. It’s mindboggling.

Speaking of preparation. Do you stay prepared at all times?

Prepared for what, bish?

- for everything that life has to offer. for everything it’s going to take away from you.

Hmm, life…? oh yeah, LIFE. Now i remembered what that is. Everyone was given one, and it can be taken away at anytime (SEE, YOU MIGHT NOT THINK THAT, BUT ITS FUCKIN TRUE, DEATH EXISTS AND SO DOES DEPRESSION).

i was about to write a long ass write-off about my thoughts on life, but i ate in the middle of all this and now i caught the itis. ill get back to you guyz, i actually have a funny theory about life.

btw anyone selling their iphone 5S anytime soon? jag blev nyss lurad på blocket a la första april style. fuck u





i know it’s a feelin that should be long gone, things seem to come up when i hear our song:






”my friends say it was a change for the better
But i say, babe you changed my forever
relationships they can be as strange as the weather, rain or sun.. we can sing this together.




when the comedian becomes the joke:

hahahahahhaa. jamie foxx just went in the poor guy. awkwardddddd. classic clip from the shaq roast.

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