lo odio aunque el te haga feliz:


vänta hOOOOL up’. hur kan jag ha missat?? Har min dröm verkligen gått i uppfyllelse??? Drizzy drake i en bachata sång??? med romeo santos??? (han från aventura för er med keff bachata game) Ouuuuffff, nej nej, ni fattar ej. Drake sjunger liksom på spanska.. och gör det faktiskt ganska bra? QUE pasoooo asså!! ÄLSKAR texten (lovecrunk shunos som är i ångest efter dom sett sin guzz gått vidare med en annan suave papi, och dom pallar inte trycket att ngn annan gör ‘the one who got away’ lycklig, fett synd grabbar, u snooze u looze) Såååå bra, äkta wasima text, äkta jag vill lyssna på den när jag åker bil med fönster neddragna och plånbok fylld me rikskuponger. en äkta dröm vore om alla kunde spanska (eller låtsas schpanshka) och körde allsång på den om jag skulle spela den ute. ÅÅhh gud EN VIDEO MÅSTE KOMMA NUUUUUU!!!!



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whose gonna save the world tonight?:


ALL GRATIS ERRTHANG *en lurkares dröm*


but my date is always a 100% better than urs, my ridahbish.


t-shirt och en poster ouffff


kollar på film yani


skoja poseade bara hehe


vår granne markus va händzzz


i took my boo with me to see the premier of  the swedish house maffia new film/documentery, LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND.

I thought it was good, genuine and suprisingly funny. For not being the biggest SMH fan, it was insane to see how many people/countries? SHM have touched and how their break up has taken a toll on alot of fans. I have gotten a better understanding for their music after seeing the movie. respect. Poor fans tho, i feel for u guyz but hey, u still  have avicii.. lol


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wasima x stan smith:


from the photoshoot we did some months ago, hahahaha dont it look im trying real hard not to poop my pants??? hahaha so cuteee, öhhhh,



before ‘blame game’ was written, there was…:





can’t tell them nothin



when they escaped to italy after the mtv awards thingy..

Kanye West, Amber Rose

amfAR's Inaugural Milan Fashion Week Event - Arrivals


Kanye West Out At The Sunset Plaza

so weird but this is actually one of my fav looks on amber. so effin pretty au naturale


this photoshoot was too epic to me, i  dont fuck with terry richardson tho

2009 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

the bottle explains the encouragement for what was about one of the most talked about events of our lives. And taylor swifts worst? best maybe?


omg this is when they first started dating, me and emma were in nyc during fashion week, and all of sudden we see a 10 people entourage commin thru and they all looked like fuckin something outta this world. we saw this tall ball-headed beauty with some red american apparel disco pants holding hands with this jeans jacket wearing dude. they all entered the tent on bryant park. me and emma stood there paralyzed. i just had seen my biggest inspiration walk by me. kanye west.

And who was she? we knew she was special for kanye to hold her hand in public loll. but little did we know that they were about to be the radest couple of the decade. on some rockstar shit. i fuckin miss kanye and amber together. at least he got a good album out of their relationship, MY BEUTIFUL DARK TWISTED FANTASY. It felt like the whole album was a therapy session btw him, amber and his mirror.

remorse is a bitch, but sometimes it leads to something better?


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