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exactly 2 years ago this time around:




jag o min fellow comapdre, taro <3


this was at the rodeo magazine party 2 YEARS AGO??? wtf man, it’s already been 2 years?? hahah aye nothin seems to have changes (well yeah alot but..) im still wearing cashmere sweaters and gold bish.



i can’t even proununce nothing, pass that ver-say-see:

maybe this was my favorite kanye video??? it had stacy dash before she became stupid, it’s filled with crazy details that only a detail-perv like myself can appreciate. like the scene when he hits the toilett (that kid got mustard on his shirt) and even the sound changes.. i love how we only see kanyes through his eyes (the reflection on the car, the mirror in the toilett, the scanning detector ). the diffrent cameos from syleena johnson herself, common, consequence to name some. the classic scene where he lifts stacys shades right before they part, and from what we had thought was a shallow cold bish through the video – was now crying. but she fastly puts them back down again. and i love it when kanye is now back in his limo, alone, and he looks up to the sky, and see’s the plane pass before his eyes. besides the fact the song touches on a lot of important subjects – man, this was such a heartfelt video.


this scene.




she don’t believe in shooting stars, but she believes in shoes and cars..:




…wood floors in the new apartment. couture from the store’s departments. you more like love to start shit ,i’m more of the trips to Florida, ordered the hors doeuvres, views of the water, straight from a page of your favorite author

and the weather’s so breezy
man, why can’t life always be this easy?
she in the mirror dancin’ so sleazy
i get a call like, ”Where are you, Yeezy?”

and try to hit you with the ol’ wopty, till i got flashed by the paparazzi
damn, these niggas got me .i hate these niggas more than a Nazzi

flashing lights by kanye west is to me such an iconic song, and i think it is my favorite yeezy video of all time. (it’s a tie btw all falls down and can’t tell me or nothing, or maybe amazing, omg imma shut up)




Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

when somebody tell me NOT to pose on photos i INSTANTLY lose it and the giggles never fuckin stops. S/o to Tarek for still making it work <3 kaou u bish was in the background laughing all the time tho


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at the monkeybizz store:



a sensitive bish



Tarek :)))))


the infamous walls, queen b and dem outkasts bois <3


Proudly rocking my SENSITIVE KIDS CLUB shirt

went to say waaarup to my good ole´friend Tarek at his rad store MONKEYBIZZ, (kocksgatan 60, check it out y’all). Tarek always reminds me of Ease, because it was through him i met tarek the first time. So ironic that a new yorker had to introduce me to my stockholm people? Lol.. Anyways, Tarek is good people and my fellow north african bruv. BOUSA.

here I am rocking Tareks & Victors label, SENSITIVE KIDS CLUB. Good stuff. Perfect for a lil emo gyal like myself. <3

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