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SunKissed babe:

Bronzer: sephora nr 04,

eyeliner: make up store,

highlighter and blush: Topshop kick lighter (both in the same palet)

eyeshadow: & other stories gold lamé

lips: MAC fashion fanatic (i recommend a beige type of lipstick underneath for that extra umphh.)

i never use mascara.





Den sista måndagen av 2013, ever:


the regular face expressions i do living in stockholm.


The Last Monday EVER of 2013. WHERE did the year go? I’d like to think it’s been divided into small months (12 month to be exact lol). And on those months thats gone by, i lived and evolved. I’ve both equally laughed and cried. i’ve faced 2faced bitches, i’ve had my heart broken and whole lotta reflecting going on. I’ve played mother of all mothers and i’ve also got intouch with the demons inside me. Pheww… I made it through. I’ve seen the light etc etc. They burn bridges and want you to send them boats. to save their sorry asses. 2014 will be more like – NO SYMPATHY FOR THOSE WHO BURNED THEIR BRIDGES.

Excuses are the tools of the weak and incompetent. They build bridges to nowhere and tunnels to nothingness.. Those who excel in them seldom do in anything else, therefore there are no excuses.

Basically. I mean, love by any means. always prosper. But i mean, too much of anything and it will kill ya, right? This is not even on a bitter note, this more of a ”i twas blind, but now i see” type of thing. The hardest thing for me is not taking it personal. Some individuals we will meet, and you know, deal with for a longer or shorter time – keep ALWAYS in mind – they are not YOU. Don’t expect them to think, re-act, or communicate their feelings as YOU. COMMON SENSE IS UNCOMMON. How EVER, even though all this fuckery, you should always keep that self-respect and continue to mantain respect to the indiffrences (as long as they don’t cross the line). What will save you from not becoming bitter is the true foundation that you built your real friendship on with your real friends (NO NEW FRIENDS NO NEW FRIENDS NO NO NO) that leads to the only human stimulation that is actually needed to keep you sane. And if you would find a partner that shares the same values as you, motivates and inspires you for the better, and who loves you through good and bad, that’s also something to hold on to. I guess timing is also something to keep i mind.

And also, if you have anybody in your life that likes to patronize you? You get rid of that shit asap.

People are just product of their environment, some will actually never change (for the better), sad but true. But you should never give up on them until you informed them about how you feel. I want to believe that ‘IF YOU KNEW BETTER YOU WOULD DO BETTER’ is a accurate statement. For those who matter. Love Touches.

I just don’t put to much weight that a new YEAR will change and erase all injustice or hard times that life give us to experience. Im sure they will follow us like a broken rib attached on the body. but HOPEFULLY it becomes easier with time to deal, and we’ll learn to see signs so we won’t repeat mistakes. And sometimes mistakes will be repeated – and you’ll just have to pray that the bridges you burnt – will light the way.

Wrapping it up with this quote by Bernard M. Baruche.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.

God forsättning alla.







it’s been a while since a song created so much hype before it’s drop, but here it is – TROPHIES.

are we bringing in 2014 with this one?? BISH I MIGHT BE



‘Oh My God – Is That A Black Card?’:


on my most 25 most played songs on itunes, this falls on high up there.

Verse 2 CHANGED MY LIFE. i until tis day listen to the outro like it was the first time. almost 10 years ago since College Drop Out, dropped.






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