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never seen before shots of roger nelson:


a 17 year old young star, named roger nelson but called himself PRINCE captured by the new photographer, Robert Whitman. 3 sessions that he took with him 1977 will now be a touring exhibition. At that time he didn’t know who he was but he knew he was about to become something big. He got goosebumps when Prince played him ‘soft & wet’.


shit is so rad. hope the exhibition comes to sweden.


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fabric nirvanas and a succeding lust for life:

bild 3


bild 4w

bild 1

euuww i didnt like this AT all. this is drottning gatans OHIO if the would make kaftans

bild 4

hmm wasnt quite fond of this one either

bild 11

i like this one tho

bild 32

that sequin fabric is so so so DIVA. so goooood

bild 334

bild 13333

so much prettiness in on pic

bild 333333

he had some real treasures

bild 31


silk leopard seems to be the trend right now… raunchy huh

all day fabric lurking. like huge bazaars of just fabric, silk on silk, saris over saris. so much to know and to not know hehe. so many beautiful things i forgot to take photos off, but that’s what ENJOYING FOR THE MOMENT MEANS.






could be a organ donor the way i give up my heart:


i don’t get more involved with valentines day than this. tradtions tho

bild 1_Fotor

hope y’all show ur booboo love at all times and not just because y’all got reminded. ha en mysgosig dag babes


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mother of all mothers, queen of all living queens:



oh, mother – how i wish to carry your genes when i’m 42 and have 5 children. GODDESS.


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sassy muslimettes and wedding cake:


i mean they brought their ipad to the wedding to take selfies, no shame boo-boo ;)



hey gurl :)


taksheta nirvana


mama sippin on sum sum


so in love with my new piece and blinged out clutch


the bride and her g’s <3


mmmm marockanska röror iiiih


silk and fur <3

bild 2

sorry för dålig bild på tårtan men va ivrig


Another type of party flickz, lol. Live music, great food, family and strangers dancing, some girls live for these weedings where they can show off their bellydancing, it’s like the twerking of morocco lol. This was a mixed wedding so even men attended, so you already know seduction was in the air?? maybe? i dont even know i was eating like all the time, and when not eating, dancing.. like the dancing slut i’am. hehehhe got it from my mama

great vibes, streaks of weed aromas here and there and some people are even on majoun lololll (moroccoan thang)

some weedings can be boring as fuhh, but sometimes it’s the most inspiring thing.

love the fam fam

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