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beyond retro label cropped sweat:



what i’ve been wearing lately has to be my favorite fashion. old school sports sweats cropped up!!! i want to thank my beyond retro family for blessing my life with these <3 so perfffffffff



picture perfect and what not:

MG_1310 MG_1375 MG_1378


älskar denna bild så mkt *självmedveten* vaaaad???

dags för en till ”Wasima VÄLJER” elller vadd?????

senast vare me the talented jasmin storch <3




peaches baby:


this is basically my motto for 2015. if it doesnt feel, taste, looks like this photo above – i aint having it papi.


Mode, Skönhet

LINDA PIRA x wasima:

IMG_5322stylade världens kattigaste LINDA PIRA aka sveriges stolthet förra veckan. Pressbilder och singel omslag. Här är en liten tease.

that 90′s chola stylah retro feelz.

Dör ni lika mkt som jag gjorde?





Inspiration, Skönhet

KEVIN MURPHY hair care:



A LEAVE-IN LOTION FOR GIRLS WITH that burry and frizzy hair!! with oils from immortelle, fröolja from baobab, extrakt from orchide och the lotusflower <3 omg låter som en dröm brori

IMG_5410 IMG_5411


colored hair shadow??? omg yesssss, cant wait to use this color bomb on my hair and get my curlz all gOLDEN <3


asså…do this product really exist? dying so pretty

So, nothing makes me more happier than arriving to the office, and to be welcomed by DOPE COOL NEW HAIR PRODUCTS!!!!!!!

Kevin Murphy is one of my favorites and im so stoked to try out their new stuff!! i mean the packages alone are just super pretty just to have in your bathroom???

‘HYDRATE-ME’ specializes in repairing and moisturizing without making your hair feels super heavy :-) Giving that shine and silky feel that we all lost during the journey of abusing our god given hair.

the ‘HYDRATE-ME’ collection, and actually all products from Kevin Murpy are free from sulfat tensider (syntestiska rengöringsmedel). That leads to less skin irritations and keeps your colored hair lasting longer. BOOM.

Parabenfree (OF COURSE, a – o people if you want healthy hair). AND CRUELTYFREE, aka not tested on los animales <3 Keep yourself healty and the environment.

Can’t wait to try these out guys. Per usual i’ll keep you updated :)

thanks the people at kevin murphz to bless me with these <3

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