eres la estrella blanca de mi libertad, y eres como el flamenco que enamora:


”quiero que sueñes conmigo
y que cuando no te despiertes
no puedas vivir sin tenerme
y me mandes un mensage
vente conmigo pa’siempre ”


on my childhood shit.





mocca poccahontaz:

bild 2

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dressed in a kaftan in the rarest mocca. burgendy lipz and chinked up eyez. how u like me now?


Inspiration, Kultur, Livsstil

what i want to fill up my taj mahal with:




wooooooow like give me everything



wtf im going cray here

bild 1

20 kr a plate, fatta hur sjukt billigt d är för handmade keramik??????????


bild 2_Fotor

bild 3_Fotor

omg this is so beyond beautiful

when the time is right im going to drive down to morocco with a truck and fill it up with all the golden treasures there is possible to find.. and make a home out of it.


Inspiration, Kultur, Lurk

various streets:


random school


in these streets of morocco



the view from 1 of our summer apartmens, so empty now :(







maybe it was nothing you had in mind, and maybe it was everything you needed:


hours, days, months. seconds, minutes and 10000000 breaths. atleast those times i remember to breath. from my nose, because a good friend told me its better to breath from your nose, the oxygen gets to your head faster. Thats a life saving tip i’ve gotten. But anways, a trillithousands breaths later, i’m still here. So, so grateful. i’ve always felt that my life is special and the various events that happens in my life is all for a reason. how cliché it may sound, and how fucking angry i can get over the fact that 66% of my life – I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. anxious, confused, and thousand thoughts, angel on my right shoulder and a fuckn shaytan on my left shoulder.

yesterday when crossing the boarder from spain to morocco – 9 immigrants were killed. i’ve heard more or less like 4 diffrents stories on how they got killed, even though i was just like 500 meter from the sad event. First, i heard the spanish police shooted them to death, and then, it was the morocccoan police, AND then when i was at hair saloon, the lady who blow dryed my hair straight told me that they died because they paniced on the floating boat they were on, the spanish police were shooting blanks and they thought there were real bullets. I honestly still don’t know what really went down – but 9 people are dead. and they died a painful death, just that thought alone puts alot into perspective.

and the day before we were in car crash, al’hamdulliah no serious damages.

the moral of this lil write off is that,

no matter how shitty life is, find comfort in knowing it could be worse. and even though that thought rarely makes things better – but you should by know as a living humanbeing – sometimes precious moments comes through – and you be like ”man, wtf, this feels so good”.

enjoy that moment, avoid internet at that nano second, because lesson 1: never underestimate the sight of a bum hoe, that bitch can take u from heaven to fuckn wanting to slice/shank any person on sight.



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