birthday gal:


TODAY TURN I 26 YRYS OLD. let’s see how dat goes.


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”black is modest and arrogant. black is lazy and easy – but mysterious. but above all it says this:

‘i don’t bother you – don’t bother me’.”

- yohij yamamoto


j.lo did it so much fkn justice in the ‘get right’ video.



Nicki Minaj’s THE PINK PRINT:

This sundaymorning i’ve been bumping nicki minajs new album THE PINK PRINT, såååååå fire <3 i didnt have any expectations, You know, i didnt care so much for ‘anaconda’ and ‘Only’ when they came out so i didnt know what i was going to get with this album, but man.. Nicki Deserves every fucking price with this one. It’s diverse, and Contagious. Cool and unexpected collabos  Jessie ware (LOVE HER) to mention one.  Here are my favorite joints from the THE PINK PRINT:

NICKI MINAJ FT. JEREMIAH – FAVORITE (aaaah soooooo goooood)

NICKI MINAJ FT. BEYONCE – FEELING MYSELF (at first i didnt like the chorus but now im totally into it, and LOVE this sexy heavy, raw, quirky vibe bey and nicki gives us on this one, feel like riding around, windows down etc) 

NICKI MINAJ – FOUR DOOR AVENTDOR ( MIXTAPE NICKIIIII VIBE SO HARD!!!!! homage to NOTORIOUS BIG, (low key getting lil kim vibes over here but since they beefin, we cant really say that right…?) Bars so hard (cRying), flow so harddd omg nicki minaj i love you so hard, this song gave me LIFE)

NICKI MINAJ FT. DRAKE & LIL WAYNE – TRUFFLE BUTTER (giving me THE MOTTO vibes with this beat, waynes verse…han e så nastyyyyyy)

NICKI MINAJ FT. MEEK MILL – BUY A HEART (AAAAH omg this is so not what i expected, its BETTER. Meeks verse, Nickis verse – we all been there! Some real shit.  Meek mill who is nickis new boyfriend??? fuck yes, loving this, tho i have a feeling k.michelle DOES NOT LIKE THIS)


Bravo Barbie!


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beyond retro xmas paaardy:


me and my italian lover, Chiara



hahaah the struggle för att ta denna bild


gustav and chiara <3 beautiful souls


familia <3


we be looking like your favorite icecream bby

great night, greater vibes – all thanks to my baby Chiara! Thank you Beyond retro for having me <3



my type of lucia:

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hope everybody is having a great weekend <3