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miss E… So addictive:


missy is one of my all time favorite, for me she’s a icon in so many ways. everything from her style to her whole essence of being.

To understand the true genius of missy elliott, check out her incredible history of the songs she has written:

I mean, everything from bubba sparx – ugly, to the MINDblowingly good joint from Fantasia – Free yourself?? wowowow <3 and let’s not forget to mention the beautiful music she made with aaliyah and ofc, her own records like SUPADUPA FLY <3

love u missy



beyond retro valentine’s dj:

tumblr_ne53gyFRYV1qbrc7uo2_1280 tumblr_ne53gyFRYV1qbrc7uo3_1280

spelar på beyond retros x valentine party på vardagsrummet på lördag 23-03, come thru and bombard me with hugz n kisses baby <3

osa till för lista:



if you’re reading this it’s already to late:


bröder, drake släpper surprise album IF YOU’RE READING THIS ITS ALREADY TO LATE. ba hunnit lyssna igenom ngra traxx men yes fuckin yesss älskar drake (Know Yourself e fire, och NO tellin e SJUUUK). perfekt innan valentines (slump bruh? nah, but who givez a..) ASSÅ har längtat så mkt efter ny drake musik och bam här e fuckin 17 nya traxx som är i riktig aubrey anda.

för att ja e världens cutest har jag redan hittat en download länk till er:





4 page letter:

IMG_6195 IMG_6194was on repeat.





make it feel like it’s forever, even though it’s temporary:

tumblr_nhxip3w4691riwx49o1_1280 tumblr_mzyz0fbPgd1qmmdbao1_500 tumblr_n28klhaztj1qc1e1mo1_500 tumblr_na8d62OwI41qah1feo1_500


it’s time of the year. when every day seems so long ago from yesterday, and yesterday feels like every other day. atleast these past days since the new year kicked in. 8th of february and im longing much for warmer, more vivid days. so much longing i actually forget to live in the now.

white nights that will turn into grey days. the sun came out today but it was still colder than a mf.

i find myself, whenever i get the chance to look for last minute trips. scrolling up and down, imagining the feels when i finally book that ticket to that seasalt smelling, palms surronded, sunrays reaching all over my skin, island. sometimes it feels so nice that i actually feel even worse when i realize i’m still sitting at same damn seat, the subway seat that is.

but soon. the overjoyness shall come and yes, that day will come.

and even i will live in the now.