have you ever seen anything more sexier?

And this song to graciously glide through them streets:


this btw is a great fuckin song for all occasions.




mi estrella, friendship and missing pieces:



hahahaha walkie talkies and 16 inch


this little cute thang is my friend Anna. Half swedish Half Panama, beautiful. In 09 we used to lurk the shit out of stockholm. We used to walk around with our walkie talkies, we even brought that shit to the club, BERNS VA händeeeerrrrr. I used to keep her company when she working long asss hours at 7eleven, and she always treated me with some brownies. For Reals, she was my little moe (from the simpsons lol) and hässelby, fransk chocklad tårta and la haine will always belong to us. so much love for you mi estrella. <3

Sometimes you can fall out of friendship, but maybe never out of love for the person. It feels beautiful to look back on memories and the wonderful ones comes up first, in my opinion – that’s means alot.

For example:

I had a friend who felt that i wasnt deserving (?) of her friendship because she felt that i didnt answer text messages quick enough she was done ‘chasing’ me. Fine, i felt her point of view and understod that she took it personal. It still broke my heart because i felt that, that wasnt good enough reason to break a friendship off, it was rather harsh.

I mean, she had no problems keeping people in her life that she knew were very fake towards her and gav her bad energies, but me? Who always brought her joy and genuinly cared for her, she didn’t felt that was something worth holding on to. I tried multiplied times explain to her how I, myself was dealing with hard times and i’m very concious about the fact that im hard to get a hold off when im dealing with something. Later also to be shown, A.D.D. tendencies but that shouldnt be an excuse, but that i was working on it. Patience and faith could possible been a missing piece. No Heads Up. She Just stopped returning my calls, and texts. Until i confronted her gently once i bumped in to her.

To each its own i guess. I never felt the need to convice her friendship back, THANK GOD. That is what she PRIORTIZE, so be it. Why my besties are  my besties is because we have a mutual respect for each other. we have love and so much care for each other. They seen me at my best but also at my very difficult worst (not answering texts for daysss and say i’ll call back and dont etc, all that fuckery)..  but never given up on me. For that – im foreverandeverever grateful.

WHATS IMPORTANT THOUGH – never let a friend feel insecure on why you are going incognito, you don’t want to them to feel like they are the REASON, that’s uncool on every level. It’s super mega important to let it be known and thats the main diffrence Between wanting to be alone or being a douchefriend. Your self-loathing and lonewolf tendencies should not hurt anybody else but yourself. Sometimes that shit happens (ask me, i know..and i’m truly sorry to my lost friends), and you’ll deal with it, hopefully learn some shit about yourself (and about others).

Anyways, what i was saying – sometimes you fall out of frienship for various reasons, but if you feel love and happiness reflecting back on the person, that is so dope and rare – and you’ll never know from today to tomorrow.

Be safe and love uncondtional people.



Pretty Girl:

A rose can bloom
Before its time
But it will never bloom
If the sun don’t shine
So live your life
No need to hide
Whats inside
Cause that aint right
You’ll see whats true
Whos meAnt for you
Loves you for you
Stop playin games. Now you might lose .A friend or two
But if you do. They never knew. You need to see
Open your eyes And realize- That your worth more
So so much more
My pretty girl
I’m pretty sure
Your worth much more.

wow. this takes me back to a place and time. Eric Roberson – Pretty Girl.





This ReRelease of the Classical Saint Laurent Leather Jacket is SO killer. Ivory Leather for the win, boo boo.



equal rights:


godDayumn this is one sexy feminist.

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