bishop pimpin pimp:

IMG_7020 IMG_7019invigde våren med mina nya babies from & other stories <3 äkta cow girl/ ol school pimp bishop anda <3



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Nike MILANO air max:

David_Head_Gustav_Brostrom_Nike_06Look how beautiful this? Just for me. my new favorite nike shoe photographed by David Head & stillebild from Gustav Broström <3




god talk to me now, this is an emergency:


See what I want so much, shit never hurt this bad
Never did this before, that’s what the virgin says
We’ve been generally warned, that’s what the surgeon says
God talk to me now, this is an emergency
And she claim she only with me for the currency
You cut me deep bitch, cut me like surgery.


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Nike Air Max x Wasima:


Nike_2015_03_03_24997__05mars__Blog2120x1610I proudly present the final shots of my Air Max collaboration – How Dope is this?

Thank you Martin Wallin for making me look this rad. The Air Max City Collection is out today, check it out here:

The collection comes with 6 different shoes, each named after a city. i’m wearing the shoe MILAN!!

Milan for me is a city i yet have to experience, but i always wanted to go. My baby chiara have told me so much about her home city and i feel like i would fit in perfectly. The fashion, the food, the vibes, i mean everything seems very wasima-ish. Perhaps i’d end up rolling in a bugatti like a true italian. lol i joke.

Thank you once again Nike for letting me be apart of the famfam <3 love my new air max flowery baby <3




girls making faces like ace ventura:


THIS VIDEO SHAPED MY LIFE!!!!!! the styling was EVERYTHING to me!!!! OMG And the cameos in this video was sooo amazing, i mean CARMEN ELECTRA, method man, redman, mase, lil cease to mentiona few!!!! miss and mary getting the fuckin down <33333 THIS IS MY ATTITUDE FROM NOW ON!!!!!