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genomgång av olika produkter och kommande grejer :)) så mys


våra nike masters!!! wow vilka djur vilken energi, dom körde hårt me oss (dog efter 1 minut) men dom va SÅÅÅÅÅÅ BRA, loved them so much <3


jag tror inte ja va så här glad igår egentligen höll igen flåset asso


new training shoes mad fire



HEALThy snackbars made outta dadlar, blueberrt raspberry on some other healthy shit :))))


freshy fresh smoothies yumy yum yum


mamita bout to get super activated <3

So yesterday, the day was finally here!!!

Wasima joined the NTC (nike training club) and got ripped into pieces!!! Joke, but the plan is to get ripped and fkn ready for the NTC weekend that will take over stockholm 27th of june.

As everybody and their mama know – im totally out of shape. i might look slimthick but i seriously have a heartattack everytime im forced to run, jog, or even walk fast. And my diet consists of only sugar. sugar, zingo, semlor, cinnamon, sugar and like pasta. i loooove pasta.

2 days ago i ate whipped cream for breakfast. For me it’s perfectly normal, but soon as i mentioned this to my friends they freak out and cry??? Im guessing it’s not good.

Anyways. NTC was so much fun, (and when i say fun, i don’t mean like a funny like a will ferrell movie) fun, but more like “OH MY GOD IM ATCUALLY WORKING OUT AND IM KINDA EXCITED?!” fun. The Nike Master was so cool, strong and motivating. I was struggling. Lord knows i was struggling.

My whole body is in pain today. I feel like i’ve gotten beaten for a whole year.

But i know why it’s hurt so i kinda feel great about it? can’t wait for our next work out session, im going to get so fuckin tighttttt

omg im turning into a healthfeak already?? haha skoja

im already sitting here eating healthy bars and longing for kvarg

sike bitch where is my semla





dayrdreaming about rih:

1460992-rihanna-strikes-a-pose-as-she-arrives-950x0-1i really just can’t. <3



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Stockholm fashion week:

imageIs in full effect.


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VASUMA eyewear:

IMG_5525Ummm, how fire is my new goggles from VASUMA?? I’ve been telling them to let me design a pair for them, WASIMA BY VASUMA – sounds like fkn succes papi. But these will do for now hehehe :))

shout out to vasuma for hooking a blind bat up <3