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one day out in malibu with my boo:


IMG_0314 IMG_0317 IMG_7792_Fotor IMG_7795_Fotor

IMG_8821_Fotor IMG_7801 IMG_7805


love my cute jumpsuit från beyond retro, shoes from & other stories <3

IMG_7814_Fotorriding around we ended up in malibu. Lunch at Nobu som äkta stjärnor hahahah gud ja dör, att drake ens har rappat om detta ställe?? Det var dock riktigt fint :)))




Inspiration, Mode

runyon canyon chulas:


IMG_8918 IMG_8920 IMG_8956 IMG_8972_Fotorrunned the runyon canyon. eh skoja fett, joggade, nej allvarligt talat – gick jääääättelångsamt upp för denna förbaskade trendberg som alla LA människor e besatta av??? ärligt talat, gick mest upp för att ta bilder lol




Livsstil, Mode

vol. 4 photography:

IMG_8591_Fotor IMG_8593_Fotorbff looks provided from & other stories <3

s/o to the guy at the g-shock store who caught us looking cute :)



Festbilder, Kultur

one night out wit emma nicole:



IMG_8456 IMG_8476


kolla hur fiiiin min bestie e :’))))

IMG_8492 IMG_8494we actually was out for like 20 minutes before we ended up at In N out Burgers instead.




Inspiration, Mode

we all just waiting 2 exhale:

IMG_8424 IMG_8425 IMG_8426 IMG_8428in my favorite tee that i found at beyond retro <3 shoop shoop shooop like whitney sang <3

a reminder of this classic scene from one of my favorite moves ever, WAITING TO EXHALE:

angela basset <3



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